Jesse Wiedel 2012 paintings



"The Glory Hole" oil on canvas, 36"x24" (sold)




"Psychic Powerless" oil on wood 18"x24" (sold)




"Into the Mystic" oil on wood, 20"x27"



"Deep in a Dream (Chet Baker and the Sea Monkey Quartet)" oil on paper, 27"x20" (sold)




"Letting Go" oil on wood, 18"x24" (sold)




"Mark and Vlad Enter the Forbidden Zone", oil on wood, 24"x18" (sold)





"Mark and Vlad" oil on wood, 18"x12" (sold)





"Fotomat" oil on canvas 30"x24" (sold)





"This Magic Moment 2" oil on wood, 11"x14"





"This Magic Moment" oil on wood, 14"x11" (sold)






"This Magic Moment 3" oil on canvas, 12"x12" (sold)




"The Fuckin' Nuge" oil on paper, 7"x10" (sold)




"The Patriotic Journey" oil on paper 7"x10" (sold)




"Untitled" (commissioned painting) oil on wood 9"x12"



2011 paintings