Jesse Wiedel 2011 paintings


"Lords of Myrtletowne" oil on canvas, 24"x36"




"Pacific North Westworld" oil on canvas, 26"x26" (sold)





"A River of Beer" oil on canvas, 30"x24" (sold)





"A Friendly World" oil on canvas, 24"x24" (sold)






"Outlaw Sodomy" oil on panel, 11"x14"




"Ubergetrank" oil on canvas, 12"x24" (sold)







"Susan and the Elders" oil on canvas 30"x30"




"Blowing Chunks" oil on wood, 10"x20"




"The Game Within the Game" oil on wood, 16"x11" (sold)



"Judy in Disguise" oil on wood, 16"x10" (sold)



"Bin Laden Hunter" oil on wood, 8"x10" (sold)




"Elle" oil on panel, 11"x14"





"The Great Tribulation" oil on wood, 8"x10" (sold)



"Crybaby" oil on steel wah-wah pedal, 4"x10"x3"







"The Battle of Evermore" oil on wood, 30"x12"




"Splinter Cell" oil on canvas, 20"x20" (sold)



2010 paintings