Jesse Wiedel 2021 paintings


"Poptones" oil on wood, 16"x20" (stolen)



"The Glory Clouds" oil on canvas, 49"x49"




"Nite Mare" Oil on wood, 8.5"x10" (SOLD)



"Olga" oil on canvas, 42"x29"




"The Circular Ruins" oil on canvas, 43"x48" (sold)




"Fountain Revisited" oil on wood, 11"x14"




"The Lonesome Fugitives" oil on wood, 20"x16" (sold)




"The Shadows Revisited" oil on wood, 18"x14" (sold)




"Roadside Attraction" oil on canvas, 30"x30"




"After the Fire is Gone" oil on wood, 16"x20"




"Pink Cloud" oil on wood, 24"x30" (sold)




"Suit of Spades" oil on playing cards


2020 paintings