Jesse Wiedel

Paintings from 2005



"Hard Drugs Made Me a Better Person" oil on wood, 30"x24"



"Magic Touch" oil on wood 30"x24"



"Between Thought & Expression" oil on canvas 33"x27" (sold)



"Bottom Dweller" oil on canvas 25" x38"



"Christ's Entry into Black Oak Arkansas" oil on wood 20"x4" (sold)



"Downtowner" 23"x20" oil on wood (sold)


"Rapture 1" 23"x20" oil on wood


"Rapture 2" 20"x23" oil on wood (sold)


"Rapture 3" 20"x23" oil on wood



"Portal" 12"x16" oil on panel (sold)


"The Male Gaze" oil on panel 16"x12" (sold)


"Taxidermy Championships" oil on panel 12"x16" (sold)


"Saucy Wings" Oil 9"X12"(at Jack the Pelican)


"Welcome to Eureka" oil on panel 9"x12"(at Jack the Pelican Presents gallery, Brooklyn)


"Varmints" oil on panel 9"x12"(sold)


"House of Horror" oil on canvas 36"x30" (sold)


"Donut Burgers" 16"x20" oil on panel (sold)


"Ebb Tide" (illustration for record cover) oil on panel 8" x 10" (sold)


"40" oil on glass bottles with bubbling pump.


"Pooh" oil on playing card (sold)


"JesusGarciaFoot" oil on wood. (at Shooting Gallery, SF)


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